British man suffers heat stroke flying home from Barcelona due to aircon failure


A BRITISH man suffered heat stroke while flying from Barcelona due to the plane’s air conditioning unit breaking down.

The passenger lay on the ground near the toilets after being sick in the sweltering Monarch Airlines jet.


The man lay on the ground for most of the flight. ©SjNeve/Twitter

He was offered bread and water by staff and was covered with a blanket whilst he lay on the floor.

Despite the high temperatures travellers described as “hotter than Spain”, flight attendants controversially continued to charge £1.80 for bottled water.

The queasy man reportedly got off the plane as normal after the aircraft landed in Gatwick, although passengers said he looked “dazed and confused.”

A Monarch Airlines Spokesman told news outlets: “A customer felt unwell shortly after take-off on Monarch flight ZB275 from Barcelona to London Gatwick airport.

“The Monarch crew looked after the customer for the duration of the flight and he disembarked as normal on arrival.”


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