They honestly haven’t got a clue

YOUNG ADULTS: They simply haven’t been around long enough.

PERSONALLY I think the voting age should be raised to 21.

It’s not that I consider the young lacking in intelligence, or am ignorant of the view, that if your old enough to die for your country you should at least have a say in who runs it.

The fact is they lack experience; they simply haven’t been around long enough.

An 18-year-old today wasn’t even born when the last Labour government was first elected, and were still children when they lost power.

They have no idea what it is like for adults to exist under the depressing, inept incompetence of a left wing government.

They have never experienced the sight of the fat cat bully boys of the unions, tanned and fresh from their Marbella villa holidays, emerging from Downing Street and announcing that half the nation would be on strike, if the ‘workers’ weren’t given what they (the unions) demanded.

Of times when ‘everybody out’ issued from the employees of one vital institution after another, until the whole country staggered from one crisis to the next and employers were blamed for everything from the price of soap to the shortage of cat litter.

They have no knowledge of a country, run by a party who bribes its constituents by creating whole cultures of benefit scroungers, and to pay for these free handouts, taxes those with any initiative to create jobs and wealth to such a degree that they leave the country in droves.

Labour is, and always has been, a party that has no idea how to actually create resources and always uses the wealth, painstakingly earned by previous governments to create the illusion that they are a successful organisation, by pouring investments into popular schemes that will ingratiate them to their constituents.

When there are no longer any previous legacies to lay claim to, they borrow, beg and steal (Brown stole the country’s gold reserves and sold it for a pittance!) until finally there is nothing left and they are finally voted out, leaving the incoming party to once again pick up the pieces.

Margaret Thatcher summed up this bunch of incompetent con artists perfectly, when she stated that the Labour party are fine, until they run out of other people’s money.

Thank the Lord for Corbyn and the likes of Diane Abbott. They are the true face of the left, and not in fact the false faces of Tony Blair and his henchmen of yore.

So, to all the young voters, who believe that the ‘all men are equal, tax the rich and ban the bomb’ tirade that issues from the left is the answer to what ails us, I suggest you all think again.

I’m not saying it’s going to be plain sailing. But at least with Theresa May we have a chance. And be honest, do you really want Diane Abbott to be in control of the nation’s police force? Ha!

Keep the faith

Love Leapy.

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  1. Well said Lerapy! I think you ‘hit the nail on the head’ with this one. Labour have been a disaster for Britain and that idiot Corbyn has no idea on how to run the country.
    We have too many scroungers in the UK who live off benefits and have no intention of going out to find work. They are dragging the country down and I will never go back to England. I would rather live in Africa than put up with the lazy people who turn to crime for their income. Murders have shot through the roof in the last four decades and none of them get a proper jail sentence. The whole country is going to the dogs.

  2. Agree Roy ….. Justice System has lot to answer for in way of sentences & ofcourse not only their fault Gov. at Fault All of them for not building prisons. There are many Ships in Mothball in UK that could be fitted out as Prisons & also for housing asylum seekers & immigrants Then transferred to housing once they find employment. Many as you say don’t want work. But with 10 children & 6 wives ( Or as Cameron said call it one Wife & 5 dependents. ) then not breaking the law on Bigamy. They would need a Job paying £5,000 a week to match what they get in Benefits & we all know only Fat Cats & MP’s or Lords get that sort of money & more. While Nurses held to 1% rise last 5 years. Corbyn is going on about putting Billions into this & that, cutting immigration. Building 100,000 houses a Year. Deciding on Trident but if built he would never agree to pushing the Button. So WHY build it ??? With all money we owe he will have to borrow everything he says he will do……….. All pure Vote seeking. Can say anything as will not get in.. Which is just as well. But all parties promising what voters want to hear. But as usual they wont keep their promises. Should be a Law against false promises

  3. Of course you think the voting age should be raised. How else to lessen the increasing likelihood of a Corbyn win. You are right. They do not know what it is ilke to live under the ” depressing, inept incompetence of a left wing government” But, oh boy, they surely know what it is like to live under the depressing, inept incompetence of a right wing Tory government. It is all they have known. They certainly have experienced the sight of fat cat bully boys of the Tory party, tanned and fresh and enjoying their tax havens, tax breaks and pay raises whilst the next generation suffers under a so-called austerity program that has systematically impoverished the nation and created food banks nationwide, child poverty statewide, not to mention the attempt to destroy a public National Health system that was once the envy of other states. Oh and by the way, a Health system that was put together by the post war party in power. Did I forget to mention that it was a Labour party? Using the last Labour party to justify your attack on Corbyn is cynical and mendacious. THAT was not a Labour Party. It was a hi-jacking of the Labour party by a bunch of crooks led by the biggest crook of all. Tony Blair. As you have also admitted. Labour party my ass. If you think that ” a few men are more equal than others, that the same bunch should pay no taxes, and that more war” is the answer to what ails us, I would suggest that you yourself think again. Your “experience” has taught you nothing.

  4. Mr Teddyboy. How on earth does a person trying to find employment manage to do that whilst sitting in a prison hulk ? This is unmitigated nonsense. Is this your only answer to covering up the appalling ineptitude of the Tory government? Prison hulks and more prisons? Though you have unwittingly “hit the nail on the head” to borrow a tired old phrase from Mr.Peters who sounds like a stuck record, when you talk about Tory fat cats getting rich at the expense of the rest of the country. You also talk about the debt which in case you have been asleep for twelve years, has been created by the very same Tories. It is a twisted sick logic to then suggest that Labour will have to borrow money to clean the mess up as a way of somehow blaming a new Labour party for all your woes! That tactic has been used by every Tory party since I can remember. Three terms of orgiastic pig troughing by the elites until it is no longer manageable and then let Labour have it for one term. Then blame them for the financial state of the nation which they inherit, thereby ensuring that they will fail, lay the blame for the countries woes at the next election ( the voting electorate has a short memory) and get re elected for another three terms and back to snorfling at the feed bin. And you want to put all those unfortunates in prison rather than face the truth. Shame on you, shame on you.

  5. Hi Jonathan
    You obviously know little about ships. How do you think crews get ashore when docking
    All these asylum seekers are young healthy men in 20’s & perfectly capable of getting ashore & looking for work
    Or failing that each could have a Job Centre on board
    I realise if we let them ashore we will loose a few !!! But that’s nothing new we loose them by the 1,000’s in present system
    Also if a Ship is considered good enough for Merchant Navy & Forces. Then it sure is luxury for these 20 year olds fleeing ?????
    Just take an Airfield no longer in use especially US Air Bases I know one that has Hospital ; Cinema ; Bowling Alley ‘ Aldi ; Garage & Bungalows to house 3,500 : Completely Empty & Securicor on gates 24 hrs a day. Yet we put them up in best Hotels until local house becomes vacant. & We as case in my Town move them in & give them £800 CASH for Carpets & £800 CASH for Furniture. What do our people get ZERO !!!!!! We also give them Mobile to help look for work & pay for second hand cars as they don’t like public transport & taxi’s become expensive… ALL I have said here is True & seen it happen !!!!!!!!!!
    While at sametime had some Polish Workers do some groundwork for me recently & could not wish for better workers. They said One days pay UK = weeks pay in Poland !!!! So Yes Ships are Ideal as are Redundant Airfields & Air Bases. One last thing how many floors could you put in a Hanger & add Windows. Get hundreds of rooms in them & easily guarded.

  6. PART 1

    Dear Loopy Lee,

    Whilst I understand you are attempting to garner attention through Katie Hopkins-esque means, I’m afraid your mantra of ‘leapy lee says it others think it’ only reveals the flaw in the claims you make in your latest article, ‘They honestly haven’t got a clue’. Merely thinking something, rather than researching and learning something, are entirely different issues. Your assertion that young people ‘haven’t got a clue’ is simplistic and mean spirited. Yes, others may think it, but you’ll find that those who believe in denying certain groups access to democracy have existed throughout history (surprise, I have knowledge of a time before I was born!) and time and again they are and have been proven wrong. Your claims that young people lack experience and knowledge are the very same justifications that were used to deny women, people of colour and those less wealthy in the past – would you also be comfortable advocating that we deny these groups of people the vote?

  7. Part 2

    You see, I am the girl on the left in the photo used to accompany your article, captioned ‘YOUNG ADULTS: They simply haven’t been around long enough’ and I’m writing (age 17) to say that you haven’t been around young people long enough if you hold such generalised and ignorant views. Because whilst I may not have been around to watch as workers exercised their fundamental right to withhold labour in order to improve their living conditions, I learnt about it in a classroom when I was 14 and was able to form my own judgement on it, in the same way you have formed yours – although I manage to restrain from making shallow minded low-blows about the appearance and lifestyle of those involved. By the time one reaches the age of 16 in the UK, one will have received a secondary education with a curriculum shaped by our very own government. If this education is insufficient in helping them form informed views and gain understanding of our nation’s history then that is a failing of education, not young people. Furthermore, should this problem exist, it isn’t magically resolved by age 21, the voting age you suggest. There is no guarantee that anyone will experience any of the events you deem crucial to a voter’s repertoire of experiences and living through economic crisis’ and world-wide conflict can never be a requisite for access to democracy. If you are affected by the actions of a government and are able to make an informed choice, you should be able to vote.

  8. Part 3

    It is important that everyone who can make an informed decision is given access to the democracy which guides our country. If young people are, as you point out, able to choose to die for their country, then it is simply insulting to deem them ‘too inexperienced’ to make a choice. Our lives are impacted greatly by the government in power. Our education is determined by them. How much it costs for us to attend university is determined by them. Our healthcare faces cuts or funding depending on who is elected. Our freedom to live and work where we want in exchange for membership fees is determined by referenda they hold. With so much at stake, it is clear that young people would have every incentive to make an informed vote that best met our interests. You attempt to silence the voice of young people to advance your conservative agenda because we are naive and will feel that the ‘left are the answer’, but my agenda is less partisan. I simply believe that it is important that we have a true and fair democracy. That is why myself and my friends took to the streets: to protest a referendum that was run on lies (£350 million to the NHS, anyone?) and was, as another of our signs said: ‘Not In Our Name’.

    Yours truly,
    A Disenfranchised Youth

  9. Dear Amy Gibbs. I would ilke to congratulate you for such an insightful and intelligent response to Mr. Pulleyblank. It is also wonderfully ironic that he picked a photograph that has so spectacularly bitten him in the ass. Your wisdom at such a young age is inspirational. Thankyou.

  10. Mr Teddyboy. Well you could knock me down with a feather! Over 50 years of sailing experience and travelling to many places: a number of crewing jobs for other types of vessels and I have finally figured out what docks are for. All thanks to you. So I don’t have jump in and swim for it anymore? Brilliant.
    What you are proposing is nothing more than internment camps and all that that structural form implies. Squalid, cramped conditions, lousy food and armed guards. The British, amongst others, have honed their skills for decades and more in this form of abuse. Concentration camps in the Boer War killed tens of thousands. Concentration camps in Kenya killed, it has been reported, up to a million internees. Not to mention torture, including castration of males by sadistic guards. Brutal conditions in Northern Ireland. Just for starters. Comparing Polish workers who come to UK for work cannot be compared to the plight of Middle Eastern refugees fleeing the death and destruction aided and abetted by your very own Tory party. Total destruction of cities, infrastructure and homes. Murderous policies encouraged by the same invaders. Some cash to aid them to set up in the host country that is directly responsible for their situation sounds like a good deal for the UK taxpayer, when one reckons the real cost of what you have done to these people. If the UK owned up to its crimes and changed course with full reparations, then I’m sure those poor souls will gladly return home.

  11. I agree, should be 21 at least.

    BTW, doesn’t matter if there are some under 21’s that understand enough to vote, the majority do not! I listen to what a lot of the youth say, even the ones in their 20’s scare me as to how naive they are… but then we all went through that stage! Now being older I know my views in my early years were way off track as are those of most youth today who are very short sighted. 🙂

  12. Maybe EWN could explain how some people can post well over the 450 limit? Not a problem, just intrigued as to how this blog never seems to function correctly no matter how many changes are made to it on the development side!


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