Stephen Fry to be investigated by Irish police for blasphemy

Mario Raaphorst flickr
Stephen Fry giving one of his many presentations

A VIEWER in the Republic of Ireland has complained to the Garda that comments made by Stephen Fry on a TV show were blasphemous.

It was two years ago that whilst being interviewed by veteran Irish presenter Gay Byrne on ‘The Meaning of Life’ he made some remarks about God saying “Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid god who creates a world…. full of injustice?”

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According to newspaper the Irish Independent, a member of the public formally complained about the content of the show soon after it was broadcast and now 26 months later, Irish police have reportedly contacted Mr Fry to question him.

The investigation could result in the first ever prosecution under the Irish Defamation Act 2009 which carries a maximum fine of €25,000.

Soon after making his appearance on the programme, 59-year-old Fry (who has a Jewish mother but grew up in a non-religious background) commented on tweeted criticism by claiming to be “astonished” and had not targeted any particular religion but was giving a personal opinion.


  1. Fry didn’t specify any religion, but directed his remarks about “god”. God doesn’t belong to any religion, and the only person who could testify that God had been insulted or blasphemed would be God. I think this whole thing is ridiculous. If people have the freedom of speech to praise God, then others should have the freedom of speech to express their opinion about God. I think if God could be contacted he would say: “Lads, don’t be acting like eejits. Let the Garda get on with their serious work to fight crime”.
    I think that God should be called as a witness if there is a trial, and to the best of my knowledge nobody has an address to contact God.

  2. Really, is this 2017? What a narrowminded person is that complainer. Specially because there is no such thing is ‘a God’. There you are! Now you can complain again.


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