Let’s consider the alternatives

NORTH KOREA: What action will America take?

AS far as I’m concerned, the answer to the North Korean problem would have been to drop a half dozen ‘Mother of all’ bombs right in the middle of their recent ‘birthday celebrations.’

A few well-placed hits from this mighty non-nuclear deterrent, would have wiped out a large chunk of their military hardware, a good percentage of their army personal and most, if not all, of their despotic regime leaders.

Job done.


OMG I hear the luvvies bleat. How can this old hack condone the slaughter of all those Fathers, Mothers and fellow human beings?

How can he encourage violence and death on such a vast scale? Has he finally proved to his superiors that he has now lost it and should be put out to grass among all the other mentally spent scribblers of yore?

Well, before we decide, let’s consider the alternatives.

To my mind, with the emergence of Kim Jong-un, the human race faces one of the biggest threats to its survival since the Ice Age.

This demented man/boy psychopath, has turned PlayStation fantasy into grim, terrifying reality and MUST be dealt with.

Forget the simpering, Corbyn inspired seekers of ‘diplomatic’ solutions. Any approaches from that angle will get us all killed.

How can I excuse the use of such lethal and destructive force against this evil regime? Ask me that same question, when – if not stopped, they drop a nuclear device on Seoul, Tokyo or the shores of California.

Ask me when millions of men, women and children are vapourised in an instant. Ask me when newly released clouds of toxic radiation spread across the planet, causing agonising tumours and death to a billion more human beings.

Well I’ll tell you, if this nightmare scenario does unfold, dropping a few ‘Mothers’ on some birthday celebrations, will seem like a grain of sand in the desert, compared to the ensuing Holocaust that could ultimately engulf the human race.

Of course, the chance may be lost. We may never again see such a gathering of North Korea’s armaments and military hierarchy in the same place at the same time.

If this does prove to be the case, then heaven help us.

Finally, you may wonder – should America decide on this course, what reaction could they expect from the rest of the World?

Well in my opinion, it will take the form of bluster, condemnation, shocked disbelief and high handed moral indignation – for about a month.

After that, with great sighs of private relief and a few peaceful nights’ sleep, the World will return to the far less threatening, but none the less equally important job of Islamic extremist annihilation.

In the words of my American Gunn’y Sergeant friend.

‘I believe totally in peace and love in the world, I also believe that some of us are put here to preserve it – by whatever means necessary!’

Keep the faith Love Leapy

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  1. Well said Leapy!:) It’s about time the world did something to stop this maniac for he will destroy the world as we know it.

  2. Well, the only encouraging element in this piece is the refreshing admission by Mr.Pulleyblank that he is indeed an ” old hack who should be put out to grass”. One might also say ” with the emergence of Donald Trump, the human race faces one of the biggest threats to its survival since the ice age” etc etc.
    I strongly disagree that diplomatic efforts would fail. And how could you possibly say that when it has never been tried with North Korea? In the past few years or more, the US has acted with increasing belligerence toward this country which was totally flattened by the Western forces after WW2. There has never been an attempt at diplomacy. Many if not most Koreans on both sides would dearly wish for re-unification. On their agreed terms, not those imposed by outside forces. The most dangerous threat to world peace right now is not the North Koreans, not the Russians, not the Chinese and not the Middle East countries. The main responsibility lies at the feet of the US, the UK and their allies. The current foreign policies of these states is bringing us all much closer to annihalation than any other players.
    Under the circumstances I am proud to support Jeremy Corbyn and I admire his courage in the face of such extreme vitriolic attacks against him, which have done nothing but demonstrate the mean spiritedness and desperation of his opponents. I hope sincerely that he is elected. A breath of fresh air is what we all need.


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