MasterChef viewers take to social media to slam Michelin star chef for his pronunciation of ‘chorizo’

BBC / MasterChef

TWO Michelin star chef Shaun Rankin has provoked a heated debate  on Twitter following his pronunciation of the Spanish sausage as ‘sho-reez-oh’ on MasterChef last night.

Meanwhile the narrator chose the ‘cho-reeth-oh’ pronunciation prompting viewers to Tweet ‘Can someone decide, once and for all, how to properly say “chorizo”?’

The dish that caused all the fuss was Iberico pork with grilled calamari served with chorizo jam and a chorizo and tomato puree which a contestant  was required to produce during a restaurant challenge.

So how should you say it?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary the proper way to pronounce chorizo with a British accent is ‘cho-reez-oh’.

This week sees the latest series of MasterChef reach its peak with shows every night on BBC1.

There are hour-long shows on Wednesday and Thursday and a final 30-minute episode on Friday.


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