Suspected terrorists linked to Brussels attack arrested in Barcelona

Mossos d'Esquadra
One of the suspects arrested during raids

MOSSOS D’ESQUADRA arrested nine suspected terrorists in Barcelona, four of which are believed to be involved with the 2016 Brussels attack.

Police raided 12 properties throughout the region as part of the anti-jihadi terrorism operation, Apollo.

Some of those arrested are believed to have been in contact with Yassime Atar, brother of the mastermind behind the Brussels bombing, as well as the two suicide bombers who carried out the attack.


Police also found weapons, drugs, large quantities of money and information which will prove “useful for analysts.”

The Interior Minister for the Generalitat, Jordi Jane, said in a statement: “We are not exempt from being attacked, but I have the utmost faith in our security services that do a great job.”

Jane denies the group were planning an attack in Cataluña or any other region of Spain.

Elsewhere, police arrested two people in Segovia over ties with an Egyptian suspected of terrorism who was arrested in the same area.

Spanish police have arrested some 200 suspected jihadis since 2015.


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