Spanish slug invasion set to devastate UK gardens

An Arion vulgaris, commonly known as a Spanish slug

AN invasion of Spanish slugs is set to devastate UK gardens as they crossbreed to create ‘superslugs.’

The amorous bug, known officially as the Arion vulgaris, breeds twice as fast as its British relatives and is immune to common control methods, eating up to 20 slug pellets without being harmed.

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They are believed to have first arrived on salad leaves in the UK in 2010, but were wiped out by cold weather.

Experts now fear they are mating with native species to create “superslugs” which can survive in both hot and cold climates.

Dr Leslie Noble, from the University of Aberdeen, said any Anglo-Spanish hybrids are highly fertile and could breed native species out of existence.

“When they hybridise, the British native slugs get swamped by the invasive genes. It’s like adding a large amount of white paint to a black pot. It starts to go grey and eventually, if you add enough, it goes white,” he said.

Dr Noble said the best way to kill the slug was to put out a saucer of beer as they are attracted to it and then drown in it.


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