Over half a million people pass through Malaga airport during Semana Santa

FULL CAPACITY: passengers waited in 45 minute queues to check in

MALAGA airport has had its busiest Semana Santa yet, with activity similar to that of the summer season.

Figures are up on 2016, with 718,542 travellers passing through the airport in the last seven days, 195,894 more than last year.

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A total of 4,182 flights were scheduled as the airport operated with both runways open and fully functional.  

Security worked at full capacity in terminal 3, one security guard joking that over the weekend they were “evacuating the city of Malaga.” He recalled that one morning, more than 15,000 people passed through the controls over a three-hour period.

Despite easy access to the airport, issues arose in the surrounding car parks, some drivers and car rental companies ignoring parking restrictions outside the terminal 3 building.

The massive influx of travellers has been a positive for taxi drivers making stops at the airport, and one commented that for them, “it is as if the holiday season has already started.”


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