Passengers faint in long border check security queues at Mallorca airport

GOING NOWHERE: The Easter weekend queues at Mallorca airport

THERE were scenes of chaos at Mallorca’s Palma airport over the Easter holiday weekend as Spanish border officials increased security checks.

Videos posted on social media showed thousands of passengers waiting to clear passport control with medics on hand to treat fainting passengers.

Recently tensions have increased between the UK and Spain over Gibraltar but the Foreign Office said that the delays were triggered by the dispute were unsubstantiated.


Mallorca airport is the third largest in Spain behind Madrid-Barajas and Barcelona and one of the busiest airports in Europe during the summer months and handles more than 20 million passengers per year.


  1. We came into this airport about 10am on Saturday (again from monarch) and had no quese what so ever. In fact it was probably the quickest we’ve ever got through border control! Not sure what was going on there but it was totally clear on Saturday. Looks like we were lucky!


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