Give us all a well-deserved break

Enoch Powell (1912-1998)

I AM not, never have been, and hopefully never will be, a racist.

I challenge one reader to show me a single example of any writing or column comment to disprove this statement.

Well, I’ll save you the trouble. You won’t find one. Sometimes I feel like Enoch Powell.

David Frost once asked this much maligned brilliant politician, why he didn’t like black people?

Powell then asked him to name one example or occasion he had made such a statement. Frost of course could not.

Powell was merely anti immigrant, stating that our infrastructure, culture and resources would not be able to cope if vast numbers of immigrants were continually allowed to enter the UK unchecked.

The fact that most immigrants of the day happened to be black, was totally irrelevant. Frost was subsequently humiliated and his credibility sorely dented.

Well far from me to compare myself with such a great exponent of prescience as Mr Powell, but I am of exactly the same ilk.

I may have strong anti views to certain cults, attitudes or religious interpretations, but I don’t personally care what colour, creed or nationality anyone aspires to.

In any event, as a Spiritualist, I believe we have to manifest in anything from five to eight hundred lifetimes, so we will have to experience all the lessons of the human spirit anyway, ie the next reincarnation could find me emerging as a deprived black child during an African drought!

So not only do I object to being regarded a racist, I consider it a personal affront of my beliefs to be even considered as one.

In my experience ‘racism,’ a term that I personally had never even heard of until the early 60’s, is generally shouted the loudest by the biggest rascists of all, and is fast becoming the greatest threat to free speech that exists in the world today.

Psst ‘wanna stifle a losing argument’? Call the other guy a racist!

For sanity’s sake, give us all a well-deserved break.

Keep the faith Love Leapy [email protected]


  1. rac·ism
    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior
    Well, someone needs to take the bait. Since Mr.PBlank has not provided the definition of Racism that has guided his latest offering, I have chosen to use what appears to be the most common interpretation of the word. It may surprise many readers to discover that the generally used application of the word is incorrect. Mr PBlank has certainly demonstrated his ignorance by implying that the term is defined as prejudice towards someone of colour different to one’s own.
    However I would argue that, in fact, Mr PBlank has consistently met the definition that I have provided. He has consistently showed discrimination and antagonism towards people of other races and religions whilst insisting that British civilization is superior to others. He often mourns the loss of British esteem and harkens back to the good old days of Churchill and British Imperialist hegemony. He currently is in full support of Donald Trump who is just about the most lunatic, dangerous thing to happen to the world right now. And who, in stating that America is better than everyone in the world, certainly meets the criterion for the definition provided. Mr PBlank has done likewise on many occasions. So, Mr PBlank, I call your bluff. By this definition, you are, most assuredly, a racist. Not holding my breath.

  2. Wow, Jonathan! You took the words right out of my mouth. Well done sir. As for the one example asked for by Mr Leapy – I’ve got TWO very recent ones. Banning Muslim women from wearing totally inoffensive swim suits that reveal only the face and hands like a nun’s habit. Mr Leapy swore that offended him deeply. And building a wall to keep out immigrants from Scotland. You couldn’t make it up! He clearly doesn’t remember a single word he’s written. The man’s a joke!


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