Boxer attacked by woman on Costa del Sol

Adam Machaj/ Facebook
Adam Machaj strong in mind as well as body

HAVING made the move to Marbella earlier this year boxer Adam Machaj was simply looking to train in the sun for future fights.

What he didn’t expect was to be attacked by a 30-year-old English woman, originally from his home county of Lancashire and now resident in Estepona.

A close friend of Adam has told Euro Weekly News that this woman, who he had met socially on a couple of occasions allegedly attacked him after tracing him to his current home where, she confronted him on the street, first of all trying to push a key into his eye.

Following up from this, she is said to have slapped him and then tried to stab him with a knife and when the 6 foot 8 inch, 120 kilo boxer known as the ‘Heat Seeker’ backed away, vowing not to touch a woman, she attacked his car doing an estimated €3,000 of damage whilst egging him on to hit her, which he filmed.

The woman involved is now reportedly being sought by officers from the Guardia Civil but Adam confirmed that he is continuing to train even though he was shaken by what happened but has to get ready for his May 19 televised fight.

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  1. Presumably, after being dealt with by the Courts here, she will be deported back to England, banned from returning & have her passport rescinded.

    This sort of criminality gives English people a bad reputation.

  2. What your saying there drew, can that actually be enforced by the Spanish authorities?
    Adam my man, fair play to you resisting knocking her block off. Hope your well mate! I can imagine the uproar had the roles have been reversed and you were the aggressor!
    See you soon big lad!


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