Spanish police arrest 17 in international drug trafficking probe

Policía Nacional

SPAIN’S National Police have conducted 14 raids and arrested 17 people in an investigation that involved police forces from around the world.

Officers have dismantled two laboratories in Madrid and recovered 170 kilos of cocaine.

The drugs were shipped to Spain from South America in suitcases from Colombia, parcels from Brazil and even impregnated in the soles of about 200 pairs of shoes sent from Ecuador.

The arrests took place in the provinces of Madrid, Toledo and Segovia. Also recovered were three shotguns, a small firearm and 1,100 rounds of ammunition.

The operation began in January of last year after agents seized a suitcase at El Prat airport (Barcelona) with 18 kilograms of cocaine.

In the operation, which remains open pending further arrests, the National Police officers have been assisted by the DEA of Nairobi (Kenya), the DIRAN (Anti-narcotics Directorate) of the Colombian National Police, the Australian Federal Police,  custom officials, police from Bolivia and Ecuador   and  the Guardia Civil.


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