Studies show kids benefit from pets


RECENT studies support the idea that a pet can be more than just a furry friend to young children. They can teach a child responsibility, confidence and empathy, as well as being very therapeutic. The bond between the two can grow to be incredibly strong, providing friendship and combating depression and loneliness.

Pets not only provide comfort for a child, but they enhance social skills and encourage nurturing. The ability to nurture is not intrinsic, nor can you learn it from being nurtured. People have to practice being caregivers when they´re young, and a pet can bring this out in a child.

Aside from emotional support, animals can help with learning development. Even adults talk to their pets, so it stands to reason that children will too. As they learn to speak and read, their small interactions with a furry friend can have a lasting effect.

Some pets, especially dogs, can keep a child fit and healthy. Having to look after, play with, and walk any animal like a dog or even a horse, encourages an active lifestyle.

No matter what animal you choose, there are overwhelming benefits to raising children in a home with pets. 


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