German fugitives arrested by National Police in Algeciras

National Police
Collecting DNA from the fugitive’s vehicle

OFFICERS of the National Police jumped into action when advised by the German authorities through the ENFAST network (European Network of Active Fugitive Search Teams) that they were searching for two people thought to have committed a murder.

The couple who were fleeing from the German authorities were a male aged 27 and a female aged 37 who were believed to have knifed to death an 81-year-old woman at her home in Dieburg and it was thought that they had driven off with the intention off fleeing to a non-Schengen State.

Both were known to have drug habits and the male supposedly heard voices telling him to hurt or murder people and therefore it was important that they be apprehended as soon as possible for the safety of the public at large.

Confirmation that they had arrived in Spain was received when the woman called German police saying that they were in Alicante and corroborated what had happened to the elderly woman, blaming the young male for the murder and indicating that he threatened her with a knife.

Officers kept watch on a number of ports in Spain and identified the car that the couple were travelling in near to the port at Algeciras and they were immediately arrested with a number of knives being found together with damp clothes which have been sent off for forensic analysis.

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