Al-Thani accuses Spanish police of racism

YOU SHALL NOT PASS: Al-Thani considered himself above the restrictions

OVER the weekend, Malaga FC owner Sheikh Al-Thani took to Twitter to express his anger after a policeman refused to let him into the Rosaleda stadium.

The south entrance was closed off to traffic when the Sheikh pulled up, expecting the police to let him through. When they didn’t, he sent out a tweet with pictures of the officers, stating “There is no justice and no respect in this country. Sorry but this is the truth.”

In the aftermath of Malaga’s loss to Atletico Madrid, Al-Thani continued his Twitter rant, accusing the police of racism and later claiming that after this season, he would not be returning to the stadium.

On Sunday morning he took to social media again to say that he suffers racism, hatred and disrespect in Spain, and that the country no longer feels like his home.

This is not the first time that Sheikh Al-Thani has threatened to leave Malaga. 


  1. What this proves is that the local police are disrespectful, there for corruption / money and bugger all else. Its high time they were replaced totally by the national police and guardia civil. They are quite possibly the most non respected organization in Spain and its about time people started complaining LOUDLY..

  2. How does this prove anything? Have you spoken with the officers involved? They were doing their job and an idiot who has taken the p1ss with Malaga over the investment in Marbella, continually missing deadlines, wasting years and millions of euros on a project he is now not going ahead with, felt he deserved some special treatment? The road was closed to traffic. Which bit of that did he and you not understand?


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