Spain would not object to an independent Scotland applying to join the EU

La Moncloa flickr
Alfonso Dastis and Mariano Rajoy

DESPITE the fact that Spain would not want to see the break-up of the United Kingdom as a result of Brexit and despite the fact that it is rejecting the Catalonian demand for a referendum on Independence, it says it would not veto an Independent Scotland’s application to the EU.

Back in 2014, Mariano Rajoy indicated that should Scotland gain independence and applied to join the European Union that he would oppose such an application.

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Now however, recently appointed Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis has told The Guardian that should Scotland gain Independence then he sees no reason to veto any application it may make to join the Union which will come as something of a boost to Nicola Sturgeon’s aspirations and possibly add to the irritation caused to Theresa May by Spain over the past few days.

It is obvious that Mr Dastis is a very astute diplomat who can work behind the scenes whilst protesting one thing and trying to achieve another as can be seen from the EU draft proposal over Brexit and Gibraltar.

One thing is fairly certain however, Mrs May is unlikely to follow advice from unsuccessful former Tory leader Michael Howard who said in a radio interview on April 2 that she should be prepared to go to war over the defence of Gibraltar.


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