´Kamikaze´ car with six immigrants injures police officer in Melilla

BORDER: driver took no notice

ON Sunday March 26, a car with six immigrants on board entered Melilla, driving at full speed across the Farhana border.

Guardia Civil and National Police posted at the border between Melilla and Morocco saw the vehicle approaching at 9.10am, and despite efforts to close the gate in time the driver sped through. A government spokesperson has stressed that officers involved had no choice but to withdraw in order to avoid being hit.  

The car was abandoned and the driver fled after an officer sustained a minor injury whilst trying to dodge the vehicle.

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The six immigrants on board, all men of sub-Saharan origin, were immediately detained in Cerro Palma Santa. They have been made available for questioning by the National Police.

The driver has been identified by the Guardia Civil and a search is underway for his capture.  


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