Rise of the social media pets

JStone/ Shutterstock.com
Grumpy Cat

Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to scroll through your social media feeds without someone posting a picture of their pet.

In fact, many people confess that they post more about their animals than their own family members.

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These owners are the ´pawpurrazzi´ for their beloved pets, with more and more admitting to even creating accounts dedicated to their little furry friend.

Some accounts amass hundreds of thousands of followers, with the biggest accounts such as ´Grumpy Cat´ topping over two million.

It is estimated that the ´Grumpy Cat´ instagram account and associated book, merchandise and appearances has earned her owners millions of dollars since she exploded onto the scene in 2012. Her business savvy owners have managed to build a multi-million dollar business out of pictures of their cat.

This popularity is in part down to the universal appeal of pets. It is likely that we are more inclined to take an interest in a cute dog online than anything else and brands have started to take notice, aligning themselves with these ´social media pets´ for advertising campaigns. This phenomenon is bizarre but ultimately, who doesn´t enjoy a daily dose of adorable little pets?


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