YouTuber fined for kissing unsuspecting women in Oviedo

GUILTY: Alfonso to pay for his actions

YOUTUBER Wilson Alfonso has been ordered to pay a fine of €1,890 after he walked the streets of Oviedo filming himself kissing young women without their consent.

The 24 year old will also have to make payments of €500 in compensation to two of his victims and has had his computer, memory card and the camera used to record the videos confiscated by police.

Alfonso faced four allegations of sexual abuse for his amorous display and it did not take the judge long to come to the verdict. His lawyer, Sonia de la Paz Fernandez Alvarez, said at the end of the trial that her client had already closed his social media accounts and was regretful of his actions.

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The court heard that Alfonso had lured the women to him by asking them to take part in a magic trick, insisting that they had to close their eyes for it to work. He then took advantage of the situation, grabbing their faces with both hands and kissing them. He later uploaded the footage taken to his YouTube channel, also without the consent of his victims.

As Alfonso left the courthouse, he unsuccessfully attempted to bypass the media and protesters who had gathered, and was subsequently chased as far as a local taxi rank. As he got into a car, some protesters began to throw projectiles.

Alvarez stated that Wilson Alfonso has acknowledged that “what was a joke to him was a serious crime to others”. 



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