Southern Soul meets Southern Spain

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Mike and Otis relaxing for a moment

“This is my first visit to Spain but I find it a very cool laid back place that has a great vibe and is going to inspire me to write,” Otis Redding III told Euro Weekly News before going off to undertake his final rehearsal and sound check for his performance tonight (Friday March 24).

Son of the late Otis Redding, he first met Mike Harding and wife Simone Lisa when they were on the same bill at a soul concert held at the O2 in London last year and after an impromptu performance together, they discovered that they really had a great deal in common.

Although he does sing, Otis prefers to play the guitar and as Mike has such a strong voice, he knew that they could have a lot of fun if they could perform together and now this has come to fruition as he has flown over especially for a one-off performance at the Sunset Beach Hotel in Benalmadena.

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Otis has been playing in the UK and says that he loves British audiences because they understand the meaning of soul and have helped to keep it alive. He is delighted to be appearing on stage with Mike (known as Mr Maph), Simone Lisa and a band consisting of some of the most experienced musicians on the Costa del Soul.

Whilst Otis will be concentrating on guitar and Mike and Simone will do most of the singing, he confirmed that he would be taking vocals on some of his father’s greatest hits including Mr Pitiful and (Sittin’ On) The Dock of The Bay.

There may be a very few tickets left for the concert so do call the hotline 604 134 620 to check as this is an evening that could go down in the history of musical performances in this part of Spain.


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