New Catalan independence party aims to conquer Mars

SPACE: the Alternativa frontier

A NEW political party has emerged in the fight for Catalan independence, whose primary focus is the conquest of Mars.

‘Alternativa’ believe that politics in Spain has taken a backwards step and they want to distance themselves from their rivals in whatever way possible, starting with a foray into space exploration.

According to their spokesman Carlos Garcia, they wish to use their political plans to attract a “younger and more urban” voter interested in science and technology. Their aim is to disconnect from the classic political positions, stating that they are “neither conservative, nor communist, nor anarchist, nor socialist,” they are “spacialists.”


The idea has been in the pipeline for two years now and Garcia states that, despite doubters, they are not alone in their ideology. He alleges that many other people have been interested in the project.

Back on Earth, Alternativa are based in Barcelona and claim to support the independence referendum. Their intention is to restructure society into city states, like those found in Ancient Greece, ensuring in the process that jobs become safer and more stable. 



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