Costa del Sol car rental companies begin protest campaign against Malaga airport changes

CHAOS: car rentals are unhappy with changes

CAR rental companies are launching a protest campaign this week against traffic changes at Malaga airport forcing them to wait and drop off using the express parking.

Rental heavyweights Aesva and Aeca, together with businesses operating in external car parks (which opt for shuttle buses into the airport), have called for a demonstration at the entrance to terminal 3. They are expecting at least 100 business owners to join in with the protests.

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Ana Maria Garcia, president of Aesva, explained that like private cars, rental cars have the right to 15 minutes of free parking, but must pay the full amount for any time once that expires.

 “The changes have affected us badly, it´s chaotic and the busy season hasn´t even started”.  Garcia believes that as well as problems caused by delayed flights, not having a designated drop off is sparking criticism from tourists who feel nervous waiting in parking queues. “A place to load and unload cars is essential”.

The affected companies are currently preparing a formal complaint against the managers of Aena, “The people are furious, we are concerned with the image that the changes will give the Costa”.

Those responsible for this change in infrastructure maintain that the works to widen the road are fundamental in order to guarantee it remains accessible with the increase in traffic, and the current parking solution is the only option. 


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