ETA announces complete disarmament over the coming weeks

DISARMAMENT: ETA to disclose weapons locations

BASQUE terrorist organisation ETA has announced that they will be disclosing the locations of their weapons caches to French authorities in a unilateral disarmament plan.

The announcement was made by civilian intermediary Jean-Noel Etcheverry, an activist who was caught up in the Guardia Civil operation which caught a radical Basque group as they tried to dispose of weapons belonging to ETA.

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He told French newspaper Le Monde that “ETA has made us responsible for the disarmament of its arsenal, and by the afternoon of the April 8, ETA will be completely unarmed.”

Neither the French nor the Spanish Home Office has yet given their approval to this initiative, but the process will be supervised by the International Verification Commission, a group of international experts.

It is expected that ETA will disclose the locations of their weapons via international media in the coming hours. 


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