Eight wounded in French high school shooting

GRASSE: fear in Provincial France

A SHOOTING has taken place this afternoon at the Alexis de Tocqueville School in the southern French city of Grasse.

Police have arrested a 17-year-old pupil who apparently wanted to attack the head teacher. Eight are said to have been injured, including the headmaster.

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According to police, the student was armed with a pistol, revolver, rifle and a grenade. The city council has specified that this is an incident between pupils and not a terrorist act. Regional president Christian Estrosi has also pointed out that the attacker may be suffering from “psychological problems.”

In the early confusion following the attack authorities have issued an alert, with emergency services recommending that people do not leave their homes. Authorities initially suspected that the pupil could have an accomplice, a hypothesis that has not yet been officially ruled out.

The building has been evacuated, while students and teaching staff at other schools around the cities have been confined as a precaution.

The French Ministry of the Interior has launched an appeal to parents urging them not to pick up their children. 


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