Report names Seat Ibiza as most stolen car in Spain

A Seat Ibiza

THE Seat Ibiza is the most stolen car in Spain according to a report by Techno Security.

The document collated every reported stolen car across the country in 2016 and found the Seat Ibiza made up 39 per cent of stolen cars followed by the Ford Fiesta (13 per cent) and the Volkswagen Golf (13 per cent).

Statistics also showed that 52 per cent of vehicle thefts in the country occurred in Madrid, Malaga came second with 10 per cent, and the preferred colour of car was white.

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As cars move towards computer security systems, the report says there are more ways to steal them through hacking software.

Rafael Ruiz, chief coordinator for Techno Security, said the reason the Ibiza was popular among thieves is its “high demand on the black market, as it is easier to steal due to having less security measures compared to other brands.

“Its parts are also in high demand due to its common use across the country,” he said.

The Audi Q7 and the Porsche Cayenne were the two most stolen high-end vehicles. 


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