Activists demonstrate against bullfighting in Valencia

Andy NK AnimaNaturalis
Demonstrating in Valencia

HAVING applied for and obtained permission from the local authorities to stage a formal protest against bullfighting, 20 activists from the Spanish charity and NGO AnimaNaturalis gathered in Valencia and covered themselves in fake blood.

This has become a regular activity as the participants strip to their underwear and stand in a prominent position before tipping the ‘blood’ over themselves to attract interest and publicity from the public and press alike.

One of those taking part later wrote that although she was at first embarrassed to be standing topless in the street in Valencia she was proud of the actions that she and her friends had taken and was heartened by the positive response of members of the public who watched them.


Whilst this particular demonstration was against bullfighting, other demonstrations took place in Madrid in defence of the Iberian wolf whilst other groups campaigned in Alicante demanding an increase in punishment for those who mistreat animals.


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