Shop destroyed after fire and explosion in Benitatchell

Jill Cole/EWN
Locutori Akram food store

CALLE Major de Poble Nou in Benitatchell was cut off for several hours on Monday, March 6, after an explosion in the Locutori Akram food store, known locally as Badulake.

Firefighters plus Local and National Police were quickly at the scene, and the owner, Hanna Faiz, was not harmed despite inhaling smoke and suffering a panic attack.

There were several customers in the store when the fire broke out, but they had left the premises by the time a butane gas canister exploded

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The blaze caused serious structural damage to the building, however, and the likelihood is that it will have to be demolished after the roof fell in.

Homes either side of the shop have been temporarily evacuated due to the risk of further collapse.


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