Town in Cadiz installs Spain’s first gay-themed pedestrian crossings

HEY BOY, HEY GIRL: The new lights feature both male and female couples.

DRIVERS and pedestrians on some of San Fernando de Cadiz’ busiest thoroughfares are being treated to a unique experience, since the town has become the first in Spain to install transgender lights on pedestrian crossings.

Placed at five strategic locations around the town centre, the lights feature two men or women holding hands or embracing, with heart icons added for extra effect.

The local council says the idea is inspired by similar lights in Austria and the Netherlands, and the project was developed alongside several LGBT collectives.


Councillor for Social Policies and Inclusion, Ana Lorenzo, says that her municipality is “a pioneer by giving visibility to same-sex couples,” calling the lights “an important initiative.”

She added that San Fernando is demonstrating a commitment “not only to gender equality and gender identity, but for equality in general.”


  1. This just tells me how off track and unless the people we pay taxes to are, I wonder how much time and cost this involved, we obviously have too many ‘funcionarios’ in this town hall as I am sure there are in others too. I find it disappointing that these people are more interested in gimmicks than actually doing something positive with their time… pedestrian lights for transgenders, is it any wonder our society is rapidly becoming a mess! Next we will have them for transgender drivers, that will be an interesting one to see what they come up with!

  2. A disgusting waste of money! Surely the money paid out for this outrage could have been spent on something more useful. Whoever came up with this idea should be sacked. I am sick and tired of seeing these queers forcing their way into everyone’s lives. It’s disgraceful.

  3. Antony, what should I call you then, “Gay”. This is a word you people hijacked from the English language which used to mean ‘carefree and merry’. I much prefer to use the old version where we called you homosexuals and lesbians.


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