Musselling in on unpopular scheme

SIGNING THE MANIFESTO: In protest of the planned mussel farms

TRINIDAD HERRERA, mayor of Almuñecar, together with representatives from all municipal political parties plus a number of local business owners, associations, federations and clubs has signed a manifesto in protest of the planned mussel farms.

As recently revealed by the Euro Weekly News, the Junta de Andalucia is planning to cultivate mussels off Punta de la Mona, but the scheme has been met with derision amid fears that local tourism would take a massive hit.

The manifesto is the latest move by the coalition as it intends to ward off the threat, with spokesman Manuel Schrave explaining that its contents aim to “raise awareness among public bodies and civilians of the potential damage to the tourist industry and seabed that these installations would bring about.

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“The proposed farm would be located directly between two protected zones in one of the richest areas for marine flora and fauna in Mediterranean Andalucia with the greatest concentration of threatened species.”


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