Guardia Civil officers discover massive car fraud and arrest 78

Guardia Civil
Evidence of the fraud

AFTER receiving a complaint from an individual who had scrapped his car and then found that it had been registered again and then they were being taxed for the disposed of car, the Guardia Civil office in Ciudad Real undertook a major enquiry.

It then transpired that a large number of individuals were involved in a massive fraud in connection with the PIVE aid scheme which allowed for significant tax refunds to be claimed provided an old ‘gas guzzling’ car was scrapped and a new fuel and CO2 efficient car was purchased.

As the investigation continued, so officers discovered that what had first appeared to be a minor scam actually covered a large part of the country and was being undertaken by individuals, companies and officials and that at least 350 vehicles were involved in one location alone.

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Certain dealers sent individuals who were looking to purchase new cars to scrap yards to obtain log books of scrapped vehicles at a cost of between €150 and €400 so that they could then claim the tax refund.

So far, a total of 97 people in Ciudad Real, Madrid, Cordoba, Lugo, Jaen, Guipuzcoa, Guadalajara, Toledo and Almería have been interviewed with 78 being charged but the investigation continues and it is possible that further arrests will take place.


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