Mega drug bust in Madrid by Guardia Civil

Guardia Civil
€402,175 in cash seized

WORKING with the US Homeland Security executive, officers of the Guardia Civil have arrested an individual from the Dominican Republic and seized 166 kilos of cocaine as well as more than €400,000 in cash.

The operation began in late 2016 when the Guardia Civil became aware of two suspects who it was believed were involved in large scale smuggling and illegal sale of cocaine, so kept them under discreet surveillance.

The operation continued as officers believed that a significant consignment of the drug was imminent and moved in to arrest one of the suspects at a garage where they believed he was in the process of getting ready to ship recently received drugs.

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When they arrested him, they found 26 kilos of cocaine together with large amounts of cash in his possession, but when they then moved to his property, they discovered a further 140 kilos of the drug together with even more cash.

Although the second suspect was not apprehended, officers also removed computer equipment and documents as well as three vehicles, one of which contained a secret compartment in which drugs could be carried.


  1. They are on greedy and arrogant bunch They making their money by hurting others.
    How many O.D because of their actions
    Too many!
    The Authority’s are helping put these criminals behind bars were they belong.
    Great job guys on a job well done!!!!@


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