Man charged with cat deaths in Benidorm

The tree where the cat was hung in Calle de Entrepinos, Benidorm

A MAN has been charged with causing the death of cats in his neighbourhood by hanging them.

Following on from the public outcry over the previous few weeks – a peaceful protest and a higher police presence – a Benidorm resident in the Calle Entrepinos area of the Rinco de Loix has been charged with threatening behaviour and cruelty to animals resulting in their death.

The man, who is reported to have confessed to National Police officers, having been identified, claimed he had an allergy to the felines and objected to a 75-year-old lady who regularly fed the colony of cats.  He had apparently threatened the lady several times and at one point assaulted her.


The discovery of another cat, found with a noose around its neck but still alive, has shown the abhorrent disregard for any emotion towards the animals, with rescuers highlighting the fact that the cats had been hung alive and died in terrible pain.


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