Cuevas de Almanzora looks to the future

CANAL DE REMO: The channel needs to be put to good use.

LOCAL businesspeople joined a meeting with Cuevas del Almanzora Council representatives to discuss the future of the Canal de Remo (rowing channel).

The channel, which remains largely unused, could see multimillion investment if a project to build an aquatic movie studio there continue, explained local mayor Salvador Hernandez. 

The project has the support of Spain Film Commission and Andalucia Film Commission and would see the most modern studios in the country built in Cuevas, creating hundreds of jobs and bringing untold riches to the area.

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There are also sporting events planned for the near future which will serve to bring the channel back to life, Hernandez has stressed. These, following in the path of last year’s Guinness record for Dragonboat, will see the European Championships held there in 2019 bringing an estimated 5,000 rowers from all over the continent to town.

Thus, the mayor explained, he will for now be halting a process by which management of the channel had been put out to tender. There were just two applicants and neither seem to have convinced the judges.

“We need to put the channel to good use but not at any price and we need to avoid repeating the errors of the past, which did more harm than good,” said Tourism councillor Indalecio Modesto Alonso. 


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