Space cowboy returns to Almeria

JAMIROQUAI: This will be the fourth video that the singer has shot in Almeria.

JAMIROQUAI will be releasing a new record, Automaton, on March 31 and have returned to Almeria for the fourth time to film a videoclip which will accompany it.

Following seven years of silence, the British group has once again chosen the province as the setting for their video, as they did in 1996 for Cosmic Girl (filmed in Cabo de Gata) and in 2010 for White Knuckle Ride and Blue Skies (both filmed in Tabernas).

Although the filming was originally planned in Tabernas, a last minute decision moved the action to Cabo de Gata where lead singer Jason ‘Jay’ Kay and Spanish Hollywood star Penelope Cruz’s sister Monica were filmed with two luxury cars. The vehicles are part of Kay’s private collection of some 70 cars that have been brought to Almeria especially for the video.

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The filming, in which a specialist drone company from El Ejido and a Malaga casting and location company were involved, coincided with the announcement that the group will be performing at the Cruilla festival in Barcelona in July.


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