King Felipe meets with a number of European Presidents in Madrid

© European Union 2017 EP
Photographed at the meeting.

TO coincide with the 11th Cotec of Europe Summit which was held in Madrid in the presence of King Felipe VI, the new President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani made his first official visit to Spain.

The Cotec Foundation is an organisation which considers innovation and the proper management of a circular economy which sees the reuse of materials so that industry is not constantly using new and scarce raw materials.

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In Spain the President of the Foundation is His Majesty the King and both Italy and Portugal have their own versions but there is a thought that at some stage in the future, the concept of the circular economy will become a requirement for all members of the European Union.

At this latest meeting the King and his father were joined by the president of the European Parliament as well as President Mattarella of Italy and President de Sousa of Portugal.


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