Gunshots in Extremadura as Citizen Security Brigade targeted

National Police vehicle

THE area around the Data industrial estate in Gabriel y Galan, Extremadura has experienced some unrest and difficulty with some antipathy being shown towards the authorities but for the first time it appears that patrols have been shot at.

Three members of the Citizen Security Brigade which is affiliated to the National Police were patrolling the area in two cars when the lead car felt something hit it in the rear and then the second car had its rear window smashed.

It has been known in the past for plant pots and other debris to be thrown from balconies at vehicles but after the two cars quickly returned to a police station, the damage was examined and it was concluded that a .22 gun had been used to attack both cars.


Investigations continue but although no bullets were found, officers are worried that their safety is now potentially under greater threat when they patrol the area.


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