Citizens’ group says no to golf in Maro


A LOCAL group of over 50 residents have come together to reject company Salsa Lario’s proposal to create an 18-hole golf course and 680 houses in Maro.

The company owns around 250 hectares of land around Maro and laid out its building proposals in April 2015, which include two million square metres being used for the golf course and housing development.  

A group of residents has sprung up, campaigning against the construction work on the basis of its ‘enormous environmental impact.’  Their spokesman, Jorge Alaminos added that “it would be a real environmental attack, a return to the politics of the brick, and the real estate speculation that led to the crisis of the capitalist system.”  

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Anabel Iranzo, head of urban planning at Nerja’s council, has said that the previous government did not finalise a deal with Larios for the proposed works to be permitted.  She added the current government are now ”negotiating with them, we have asked for changes that will benefit residents.”



  1. Can’t understand why any new building work is allowed when the country is littered with empty and half built houses. Have these eye-sores dealt with first even if it means building companies being given subsidies to complete the works.


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