Zenia Garden Asian Restaurant: So what to expect…

LIN JEI WEI: Will be managing the restaurant. / CHEF GUAN: Exceptional talent.

COOKING over 100 varieties of different style meals requires a good memory, to do so efficiently and most important with excellence requires a chef of exceptional talent.

Chef Guan, our head chef, is such a man. Chef Guan explains: “I started my training as a 15-year-old, where it was instilled in me to produce good food, the most important starting point is cleanliness, a clean kitchen is an efficient kitchen. In this regard I believe customers have a right to check my kitchen if they wish.”

Now in his 50th year, Chef Guan has 35 years’ experience in cooking Asian food, 21 as head chef, initially in Xia Men China, then Hong Kong where he catered for the expat (mainly British) community.

As a consequence he knows the requirement of the British-Irish and North European palate.

He moved to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria some 12 years ago, where the clientele was mainly British and North European tourists. Along the way he was awarded the Chef de-excellence London China Town 2012, so his knowledge of what you the customer requires is extensive. Chef Guan will be supported by three additional Chefs, all of whom meet his standard of excellence.

Management is under the control of Lin Jin Wei: many of you will recognise him from his work locally over the years. Lin speaks Spanish, English and as he says, German with some difficulty. His jovial nature and consideration for customer satisfaction, will add to your dining experience.

Zenia Garden Asian Restaurant OPENS: Friday February 10

(Located at The Celtic Isle, where the Saturday Market Starts)

Opening hours: 12noon to 4pm and 6pm to 12 midnight Seven days a week

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