Cats poisoned and hanged with wire in Benidorm

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Feral cat

SHOCKED residents are demanding police take action to find a cat killer who has been hanging the animals from trees on a Benidorm urbanisation.

After a spate of poisonings, those responsible have now used wire or fishing line on at least two occasions to hang the cats.

In the most recent attack at the Rincon de Loix urbanisation, the animal was left hanging from an olive tree in full view of children passing the horrific scene.

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Police were called but the animal was not taken down for at least 36 hours, according to one animal charity.

The death of the cat is the second in a month from hanging. In the first incident it is claimed the animal had been tortured before being killed.

Residents claim the hangings follow the deaths over the last two years of numerous cats which were found poisoned to death.

One woman said while two of her pets had been poisoned, one cat had been shot in the leg. The animal was operated on by vets who managed to save its leg but the cat’s mobility has been left seriously impaired by the injury.

Who is behind the cat killings is not known, but another resident told an animal charity worker that she had previously been verbally abused by a neighbour for feeding cats in the area.

Residents are now demanding police and the Civil Guard’s nature protection service, Seprona, find whoever is responsible.


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