Nerja police uniforms to stay


A DECREE by Nerja’s Mayor, Rosa Arrabal, that local police did not have to wear uniform, has been overturned by the Consulative Council of Andalucia.

The policy, which was implemented in September 2015, allowed police officers to wear plain clothes on duty and was first criticised by businesses in Burriana, who alleged there were officers patrolling the area without uniform.

The Partido Popular complained, arguing that power to change police uniform lay with the government in Malaga. They argued that the mayor ‘ignored’ requests to overturn the policy and the issue was taken to court.

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The Consultative Council has now ruled that Ms Arrabal’s policy, “invaded the jurisdiction reserved to the subdelegate of the government in Malaga and was issued by a body manifestly incompetent, and so is null by law.” The Bureau of Personnel of the City Council has also backed this conclusion.


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