Leo the Lion still needs help from everyone who cares


THE sad story of Leo Bermejo who is suffering from a most invasive form of cancer which needs treatment in the UK and the USA took a new turn for the better after his mother Karen and Michel Euesden publisher of Euro Weekly News spoke on Spectrum Radio.

This live broadcast which took place on the morning of February 2 just a few days before Leo has to travel to the UK for yet another operation saw an immediate response with companies and individuals calling in to pledge some fairly large donations to the appeal.

Leo has a chance to regain his life but only if he is able to travel to Oklahoma to undergo proton treatment soon after his next operation to remove the tumours which keep growing back.

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American hospitals have a fantastic record of the ground breaking treatment but they are in the main commercial operations and Karen and her husband are desperate to raise €175,000 so that her son can have a chance to grow up and experience life as a happy child and adult rather than a disabled and dependent shell of what he could be.

As a newspaper and the voice of English speakers throughout Spain, we are 100 per cent behind this appeal and will over the coming days give regular updates on Leo’s health as well as donors.

If you had a son or a daughter in a similar situation then you would be desperate for help and you can take positive action by adding to the money being raised to save Leo’s life by visiting www.gofundme.com/leothelion3 and giving whatever you can, no matter how small.

As the word spreads about Leo’s condition, a number of celebrities, the latest being presenter Jodie Marsh are tweeting and re-tweeting to their followers calling for them to join in the campaign to raise the funds.

To donate to Leo’s gofundme page go to www.gofundme.com/leothelion3


Click below to listen to the interview


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