Spain announces €12 million road safety improvements

Guardia Civil/Twitter
Last year to 1,160 people died in road traffic accidents

FIFTEEN urgent measures to reduce mortality rates on Spanish roads, have been unveiled by interior minister Ignacio Zoido.

The improvements, estimated to cost around €12 million, include cameras that check drivers are using seatbelts, 60 speed cameras and dynamic speed limit signs.

Some €5 million euros will be used to paint 3,000 km of road with a special strip which vibrates when drivers go over them to help prevent accidents caused by distractions and falling asleep at the wheel.


The measures follow a rise in deaths on Spanish roads last year to 1,160, which broke a 13-year downward trend. 


  1. I would think that proper, coherent and clear road signage might help as well as the same on road markings, some roads and a lot of them have several different road markings where road direction change has been made but the old arrows along with other painted road markings are left… total shambles, maybe a lot of accidents could be prevented if some intelligence and logic was applied on that side!


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