Upgrade in Almuñecar moves into second stage

DIFFICULT ACCESS: Means workers have to move some materials by hand.

WORK has now started on the second phase of upgrades in the Calle Carmen Baja and San Miguel Bajo in Almuñecar at a cost of €140,000 which includes the need to employ 77 workers.

The area of San Miguel de Almuñecar, in the heart of the old quarter, continues to be improved with comprehensive rehabilitation works. Now comes the turn of Carmen Baja (second phase) and San Miguel Bajo street. 

This new work has been undertaken by the council thanks to the release of funds from the Agricultural Employment Promotion Programme, under a collaboration agreement between the Provincial Delegation of the Department of Government of the Junta de Andalucía and Diputacion de Granada 2016.

Included in the programme is the replacement  of damaged pavements, upgrading of drains, better street lighting and the provision of bins, railings and benches but according to councillor for Works, José Manuel Fernández, it will take about six months to complete all of the upgrades due to the difficulty of access for machinery and materials.



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