Drama in Alcaucin as paraglider collides with power line

DANGLING BY A THREAD: the pilot was rescued by a team of local residents.

A PARAGLIDER was rescued by a heroic band of locals after slamming into a medium-voltage electricity cable in Alcaucin, Malaga.

The dramatic incident unfolded in the neighbourhood of Puente Don Manuel as the pilot flew low over the village and became hooked on the line, cutting off power to nearby homes.

He was left dangling several metres above the ground with his parachute wrapped around him.

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By the time firefighters, Guardia Civil officers and an ambulance arrived on the scene, he had already been rescued, however.

A concerned group of residents flagged down a truck as it passed by before convincing the driver to park under the stricken glider.

They then climbed onto the vehicle, from where they were able to extricate the pilot and transfer him to hospital.

Alcaucin is home to a thriving expatriate community, and one witness told the Euro Weekly News: “I saw it happen through the window and rushed outside my heart going ten to the dozen to see him just hanging there in the parachute, struggling to try and free himself.

“I believe the guy was English actually, although I don’t know that for sure.”

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