Donald Trump: Most exciting thing to happen

DONALD TRUMP: Used his own finances to attain his position.

HOPEFULLY the cry of ‘Donald Duck’ won’t be heard issuing from the lips of the new president’s bodyguards for a while. 

Although many of the dissenters would love to see the red spot appear between Mr Trump’s eyes, I for one am delighted to see this largely unknown entity emerge as the leader of the free world. I found his inauguration speech particularly invigorating. 

And you know why? Because, despite the waffling and his somewhat blustery style of delivery, you can’t help feeling that he’s speaking from the heart. 


Gone were the old empty political cliches and lies, that glibly pour from the lips of the career politicians – irrespective of which party they represent. 

In its place we heard a man, not bought by campaign backers, who use their puppet politicians as a means to their own ends, but a man who used his own finances to attain his position and who owes no allegiance to those powerful companies and countries that manipulate and influence the limp-wristed leaders of our so called democratic societies. And the biggest plus of all? 

He’s a businessman. I’ve lost track of the amount of times this blurb has reflected that this planet is a business. To be a successful and fair place for all its inhabitants it must be run by business people, with boards of directors and decision makers, that have only the sweet smell of overall success to give them the enthusiasm and impetuous to make our world a better place. 

Well I for one, despite the vitriolic reactions I have received from a number of people! Can’t wait to see what Corporation Trump has in store for planet Earth. Coupled with the freedom we are about to experience by casting off the shackles of the now mortally wounded, ego-riddled EU, I think the future we are about to experience is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to the human race since the conquest of space. Bring it on.

Keep the Faith

Love Leapy [email protected]


  1. Trump worries me a little although everyone deserves a chance especially when they have won election from the countries electoral system. He is totally against PC and that is a great plus, PC is a major contributor in bringing down our society and creating unrest, people need to understand that what we used to have “common sense” is far superior to PC. The political world needs to change from where it is and where it has brought us, it has shown it creates problems and is manipulative in getting what it wants while the people are fobbed off. There are a lot of things that need to change in US politics just as there are a lot of things that need to change in UK and European politics, hopefully Trump will make many of those changes on the US side and lead others to follow because one thing is for sure… we cannot keep going in the direction politicians have been taking us for the last 35 years. Good luck 🙂

  2. I am not one of your dissenters Leapy, I believe that you speak your mind and most of the time it is something that many of us wish that we had said. I confess I was and am worried about the Trump effect but my Online Mentor Mr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson – Astro Physicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York, once said on a TV interview. “Why are the vast majority of politicians, Lawyers.? Where are the Doctors, Scientists, Engineers, Businessmen etc.? ” He went on to say that “it seems that Lawyers are only interested in the Best Argument – NOT, the Truth.
    I have no idea what Tyson thinks about Trump. Well now he has a business man in the top job, I hope many more professional people in all countries will follow the lead of America. America voted Trump in and what do they hope to achieve from all of their protests.? Do they really expect him to resign because he is not popular.?”
    One of the earliest Presidents once said.” Judge a man not by his words but by his deeds. Let’s wait and see and hope.

  3. Yeah you guys are right.
    Spain also needs a Trump.
    A big wall around Gibraltar.
    Get rid of all the foreigners.
    Foreigners to pay full costs of Spanish medical care before they leave.
    Spanish jobs for Spanish workers.
    Replace all the wind generators with coal fired power stations.
    See you back in the U.K. after we have all been deported.

  4. The bunker mentality of the Trump administration is already evident after just over a week in power. Comparisons with another renegade president, Richard ‘Tricky Dicky’ Nixon, could not be clearer – the only difference being that Nixon wasn’t able to issue hysterical Tweets.

    Both men sacked the attorney general. Nixon did it when his legality was in question over the infamous Watergate scandal. Now Trump has done it after the legality of his travel ban on 7 mainly Muslim countries has been criticised.

    Nixon was forced to resign in the face of impending impeachment. If Trump continues to behave in such a similar manner until he crosses the line, we may also see him being told, “You’re fired!”


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