EasyJet call police after woman sneaks vodka onto Almeria flight

Police were waiting for Lucy Yallop when the plane landed in Almeria.

A WOMAN claims that easyJet staff tried to have her arrested when she tried to drink her own bottle of vodka on one of their flights.

Lucy Yallop took a miniature bottle of vodka onto the flight and went to pour it into a glass of orange juice when she said she was “pounced on” by staff.

“I knew I shouldn’t but I had the single measure in my bag and tried to put it in my orange. The steward came from nowhere and said “What have you got in your hand?”

“He had told the captain who radioed through so I would be arrested when we landed in Spain,” said Yallop.

Police were waiting when her plane arrived in Almeria but “took one look” at her and “shrugged their shoulders,” she said.

EasyJet also cancelled her return flight, forcing the 32-year-old to buy a ticket with another airline.

An easyJet spokesperson said: “easyJet’s cabin crew are trained to evaluate passenger alcohol consumption and take the actions they feel are appropriate.

“No airline permits passengers to consume their own alcohol as crew need to be able to monitor alcohol consumption on-board for the safety of all passengers.”


  1. I’m friends with the lady in questions mother. She had half a miniature on board, she wasn’t drunk, rude or abusive. There was a journalist who and her policeman husband sitting behind. She’s been in contact with Easyjet due to the factual inaccuracies and has written her version. The Police at the airport couldn’t believe it at the other end and sent her on her way. The airline made no contact about the return until she showed up at the airport. She knows she was in the wrong opening it on board (she was extremely nervous at the thoight of the plane taking off from a snowy runway and wasn’t thinking but this story is very much is not as it initially seems. The truth will out. And for the record, I don’t condone what she did but equally I don’t understand why airports sell miniatures when they can’t be opened on board. Hopefully the truth will out.

  2. But the airlines have no problem with people who board who are actually drunk? The airports sell them lots of alcohol no questions asked…what a farce – poor lady!


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