Asian gambling den broken up in Palma

National Police
The police raid

MAHJONG is a game particularly enjoyed by the Chinese and is perfectly acceptable except in Palma where the National Police raided a den where 21 people were placing bets of several thousand euros without a licence.

Officers had identified two particular individuals of Asian origin who were known to arrange illegal betting clubs and after several months of surveillance and investigation they undertook a raid on a particular property where they discovered 21 people (five of whom were women) playing at different tables.

As they searched the property they discovered cards, dice, Mahjong sets, €4,000 in cash and a number of promissory notes which showed debts between players.

It later became clear that illegal gambling was taking place on a regular basis mainly on Saturdays and holidays with as many as 30 people attending and weekly betting being estimated at between €25,000 and €35,000.


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