3,000 dogs abandoned in Malaga in 2016


THREE THOUSAND  dogs were abandoned in Malaga last year, the city council has reported.

Although the number is half of that registered back in 2011, it remains too high to allow the municipal animal pound to fulfil the pledge to not put down any animals, explained Environmental Sustainability councillor Raul Jimenez.

In 2016, the pound had to put down 547 dogs, half the number for 2011 and 14 per cent lower than in 2015. 

Adoptions on the other hand are on the up, with 2016 registering a total of 863, 12 per cent more than the previous year. This, Jimenez said, is due to increased awareness of the need to give abandoned pets a second chance.

Capture, sterilise and release programmes underway in the city seem to be doing their job, the councillor said, as municipal services collected 775 stray cats from the streets during 2016, 24 per cent less than in 2011.

This allowed the number of cats which had to be put down at the pound to also drop to 555, 16 per cent lower than 2015 and 38 per cent lower than 2011, Jimenez stressed. 


  1. I have just read in your weekly newspaper regarding 3,000 dogs dumped and rescue centres struggling to get sufficient dogs adopted into forever homes.

    My husband & I spend the winters in Spain we have always had dogs who travelled with us after loosing our last yorkie we began looking in Spain for a Little dog as we felt lost without one.

    We now have a female yorkie from a centre near Malaga who has been with us 3 years the resident vet there helped with all the formal documents and she happily travels with us between the U.K and Spain. However we feel that not enough publicity is given to get more people aware of the problem also definitly not enough is done to advertise events such as one recently where dogs for adoption were on display and stalls were available to purchase ítems or give a donation it took us 2 hours to find where it was located.

    we only found out about it from a notice in Spanish on a tree trunk in Benalmádena. We mentioned this to a Spanish gentleman running a stall and he said that was probably why they hadn’t had a good turnout, we noticed we were the only English people there. I have asked around amongst dog loving expats who confirm they had not known of events until after they happened.  

    I’hope you feel it worth printing my observations should you wish to discuss this please ring the above number
    as I only visit the internet shop occasionally.


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