The danger of even more racism

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SICKENING ATTACK: The carers deserve long jail terms.

I’M sure we were all thoroughly sickened by the attack on a defenceless patient by the four black care workers in America this week. These animals unleashed an assault on this young, mentally impaired white man, that truly defies the imagination. 

To add insult to his horrific ordeal, this evil quartet actually videoed their actions and published it on social media. Let’s hope this scum get all they deserve and, if found guilty, find themselves gazing through bars for some considerable time. 

What interested me was the overall reaction of the white communities. Basically this consisted of expressions of disgust and disbelief, followed by the calm trust that the law will take its course and justice ultimately be served. The difference here of course is that, had the positions been reversed, and the attack perpetrated by four white workers on a defenceless black person, there would have been screams of racism, marches and possible rioting throughout the country. 

Why is that? Why are some black people so quick to blame white people for their misfortunes and so-called social injustices? I have never considered myself a racist but to my mind, these hysterical and often violent reactions, are, in fact, racism in its most serious form: precisely what the demonstrations are supposed to be protesting against.

Makes no sense to me, in fact to my mind, these actions create the very real danger of turning even more people into racists. 

I think it is high time black communities began looking inward for solutions to their problems, instead of constantly blaming outside white influences for their shortcomings. 

Please peruse this piece carefully before releasing the expected slings and arrows. Thanks.

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  1. Perhaps if the author actually dug a little deeper than the Daily Mail, then he might refrain from all the rubbish that spews out of his mouth. Has he no concept of the structure of American and, yes, British institutionalised racism designed precisely to frighten and intimidate the general population? A structure of divide and conquer to keep the majorities of these countries afraid of each other’s ethnic differences that has been in place for some hundreds of years. The people in charge are themselves terrified that the general populaces will overcome their percieved differences and finally unite to turn as one group and confront the real problem.
    Mr PBlank. Please read Howard Zinn’s book ” The People’s History of the United States” and “1984” by George Orwell, before you utter this stuff.

  2. Oh dear, Leapy. Is your plaintive cry about “slings and arrows” at the end of this latest effort merely a response to the two letters entitled “Leapy Logic” and “Bitter Taste” in the current issue? Or is it a symptom of deeper unease about all your other critics whose letters don’t always get published?

    The two letters mentioned above serve to contrast your narrow, unbalanced views on President Obama with your obvious hero-worship of President-elect Trump – a deeply flawed man by most standards of common sense.

    Now you make sweeping comments on the causes of racism, based on one dreadful assault on a man with educational needs. You falsely call the four perpetrators “care workers”. This is very mysterious when they were actually drug and alcohol fuelled thugs holding him hostage! There was never any suggestion they might be his care workers. Where do you get your news from? The Trump Foundation?

    Your emphasis on their skin-colour has nothing to do with it. Their live-streaming of the abuse to millions of people on social media was the REAL reason for the size of the public response! You have chosen to dwell on racism instead of the real issues and created false news too!

  3. Perhaps people in glasshouses shouldn’t fire little arrows! I seem to recall a reprehensible, unprovoked, violent, assault on a Bar Manager in London some time ago.


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