Spanish police discover man hidden in van engine bay at Almeria port


TWO men have been arrested in Almeria port for allegedly trying to smuggle a person into the country concealed in a hidden compartment in their van.

Guardia Civil officers became suspicious while checking ID and paperwork for people getting off ferries from northern Africa as, although all seemed normal on the documentation provided, the two men appeared nervous.

Deciding to inspect the Nissan Vanette, the officers discovered a person huddled between different parts of the engine, which had been tampered with and moved out of place to leave a small space.

The man, who was carrying no documentation, was taken to the National Police station in the port where proceedings began to arrange for him to be sent back to his country of origin.

The two men, one from Albacete and the other from Caceres, were arrested for an alleged crime against foreigners’ rights and the case has been handed over to the Almeria courts.



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